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Whether you experience a superficial first-degree burn or an extreme third- or fourth-degree burn, proper burn wound care and rapid treatment are necessary to heal your skin and protect your body from dangerous complications.

All burns, no matter how minor or severe, carry the risk of infection since bacteria can easily enter broken skin and begin to breed. If your burn wounds, especially second-and third-degree burns, don’t heal properly, your skin will remain vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

If your burn wound transforms into a chronic wound (little improvement after 30 days), your body will start to undergo an intense inflammatory response that puts you at risk of serious complications.

Because burns cause such a domino effect on your health, seeking the proper wound care treatment is essential to achieving a full recovery.  When you turn to a trusted clinic like R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics, you can be assured of a personalized treatment plan, which may include ointments, debridement, bioengineered skin, skin graft after care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), or other treatments fitting your personal needs. 

Our wound care specialists will help you to accelerate your healing process and enhance the health of your injured skin. We offer treatment in comfortable outpatient offices with welcoming and expert wound care professionals.  No doctor referral is necessary for an appointment, unless you have an HMO.  

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Kevin S, an R3 patient

“This place is great!! My Dad had a burn injury that wasn’t healing on its own and we began to be concerned it was getting infected. As soon as I spoke with R3 staff, I instantly felt that they had genuine concern for my Dad’s care. The check-in process was quick and the wound care provider was very thorough and explained to my Dad exactly what needed to be done, how to care for his wound and provided all the medical supplies he needed to ensure a full recovery from this injury. He was very professional, easy to talk to, and took great care of my Dad. I would highly recommend R3 for its courteous service and excellent care!”

About R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics

R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics is a non-hospital-based wound care medical practice.  We opened our first clinic in San Antonio in 2014 to answer the community’s need for high-quality outpatient wound care administered in a comfortable, refreshing atmosphere.  

Our clinics offer the same caliber of wound care treatments as hospitals, but with easier access to our clinics and more affordable care than a hospital visit.  We even offer transportation to hyperbaric patients within 25 miles if needed to ensure they can get to appointments.

We are known for our caring and professional wound care specialists who treat you like family, our comfortable and refreshing offices, and our spacious, relaxing single-person chambers.  We accept all major insurance and Medicare, and you do not need a doctor referral to receive treatment.

We have 9 clinic locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston areas.