Wounds are an unavoidable part of life. It’s easy to assume your injuries will heal and disappear on their own, but as many as 4.5 million Americans find themselves dealing with chronic wounds that never improve.

Chronic and acute wounds are both injuries on the body, but their healing times set them apart.  In general, any wound that remains longer than 30 days without improvement is chronic, while any wound that improves or heals in less than 30 days is acute.

Chronic wounds occur in many forms, areas, and sizes and can have serious health consequences if left untreated.  R3 Wound Care and Hyperbaric’s wound care specialists are experts who use advanced treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to help heal these wounds effectively and efficiently.  We offer this in outpatient clinics to ensure patients can access the clinics easily and comfortably.  

We can help with the following conditions among others:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Trauma wounds
  • Pressure ulcers/injuries
  • Burns
  • Radiation wounds and injuries
  • Acute wounds that are troublesome

In addition to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we also provide other wound care treatments like skin grafting, wound VAC, debridement and more.  

Our treatments help when other treatments fail.  Some patients that come see us have had wounds for years that have been healed after several months of using these advanced treatments. 

About R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics

R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics is a non-hospital-based wound care medical practice.  We opened our first clinic in San Antonio in 2014 to answer the community’s need for high-quality outpatient wound care administered in a comfortable, refreshing atmosphere.  

Our clinics offer the same caliber of wound care treatments as hospitals, but with easier access to our clinics and more affordable care than a hospital visit.  We even offer transportation to hyperbaric patients within 25 miles if needed to ensure they can get to appointments.

We are known for our caring and professional wound care specialists who treat you like family, our comfortable and refreshing offices, and our spacious, relaxing single-person chambers.  We accept all major insurance and Medicare, and you do not need a doctor referral to receive treatment.

We have 7 clinic locations in the DFW, San Antonio and Houston areas, with our DFW Frisco clinic set to open its doors in December.