Team Member Spotlight: Eric Cortez

Name: Eric Cortez
R3 Wound Care Clinic Location: San Antonio,TX

Eric has been practicing Hyperbarics and Wound Care for the past 11 years as a HBOT Technician.  He is skilled at wound care, mobility assistance and charting.  He is a quick problem solver, an enthusiastic caregiver, is patient and family-focused, and understands mobility assistance needs.  Providing compassionate care and exceeding patients’ expectations for those suffering from diabetic ulcers, osteomyelitis, soft tissue and osteo-radionecrosis, compromised grafts/flaps and chronic wounds that exceeds patients’ expectations is his calling.  This is evidenced by the accolades he often receives from his patients.  In addition, Eric serves as the safety officer to ensure quality and safety by routinely inspecting and maintaining a safe work environment.

How did Eric get into the Hyperbaric field?  It is a great story!  Before working in the medical field, he was a kitchen manager in which he managed 20 employees.  One of his co-workers was a nurse and one day she told him she loved how he handled the staff and the customers, and praised him for being such a hard worker. She asked if he would like to work with her and the doctors at Foundation Surgical Hospital as a Hyperbaric tech and wound care specialist.  Eric then proceeded to take courses at the Nix and the American Board of Wound Healing to become a Certified Hyperbaric Specialist and a Wound Care Specialist.  He said he could not have made a better decision.  

His absolute favorite part of his job is getting to interact with patients on a daily basis.  He enjoys hearing their stories and sharing his stories with them.  He says that some patients don’t have friends or family members that they can talk to on a daily basis so when they’re in his care his treats them like a family member or friend.  He says some days its hard for him to say goodbye to patients when they complete their treatments and they’re healed, but it makes him happy knowing he contributed to their wound healing. Over the years he has had many patients with whom he keeps in touch.

When Eric isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family as well as bike riding, fishing, hunting, playing basketball with his daughter and enjoying trips to new places!  He loves to cook and BBQ every chance he gets and even enjoys making his very own salsa, which he gives to his friends, family and co-workers.

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