Geordan Ferguson, HBOT Technician

Name: Geordan Ferguson

R3 Wound Care Clinic Location(s): Arlington

Geordan served as a rifleman in the United States Marine Corps until he was honorably discharged in 2016. Upon completion of his military contract, he attended and graduated from the Divers Institute of Technology to begin his career as a commercial diver.

In his profession as a diver, hyperbaric chambers were used for diver decompression after long times spent underwater.  While Geordan was already familiar with this medical technology, he discovered through research that there were a multitude of benefits that could be acquired from the use of these chambers. One of these was for wound healing. This new-found knowledge intrigued him, and ultimately drove him to pursue a career in hyperbarics so he could help those in need of healing.

If you’ve ever been around Geordan, you will know that he has definitely found his place.  His favorite part of his job is the interaction he has with his patients.  He enjoys educating his patients on how hyperbarics works and making them comfortable with their treatments.  You will see from patient reviews how well he does his job.  Ultimately, the outcome of patient healing is what he says makes his job so incredibly rewarding.  Being able to watch and aide in the healing process is why he does what he does.

When Geordan is not at work, he enjoys going and watching live music, hiking/walking any trail he can find and watching baseball.  He currently resides in Grapevine with his dental assistant Fiancé, as well the sweetest German Shepherd dog you will ever meet!

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