The Best Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatments to Control Infection

Best Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Did you know diabetes is the cause of more than 200 amputations every day in America and nearly 85% of all amputations come from a seemingly benign source: foot ulcers? Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your diabetic foot ulcer will heal on its own. Even a minor injury can quickly morph into a chronic infection if you have […]

What You Should Know About HBOT Wound Care

hyperbaric chamber benefits

Do you need to speed up the healing of a wound? Maybe you have an injury that hasn’t healed after many weeks. Well, it’s time to look into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its many benefits. The first thing to know about hyperbaric wound care is that exposing your body to 100% oxygen while under […]

How to Prevent a Diabetic Amputation with Early Intervention

diabetic amputation

The idea of losing a limb is frightening, but for 15% of diabetic patients with foot ulcers, amputation is an unavoidable reality. That’s the percentage of people with diabetes who must undergo amputation every year to avoid the deadly complications of chronic or untreated diabetic ulcers. Even though rates of lower limb amputations have decreased more than […]

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