What is Skin Necrosis and Can I Prevent It?

tissue death necrosis

Skin necrosis can be scary if you are experiencing it for the first time. What is skin necrosis? And how does it occur? Better yet, how can you prevent necrosis from happening in the first place? What is skin necrosis? When blood and oxygen are limited to a specific area of the body, the tissue […]

How HBOT Effectively Treats Brain Injuries

Delayed Radiation Injury

Brain injuries are frightening; there’s no doubt about that. Treating the brain is challenging, and healing is unpredictable. What we do know, however, is that brain cells need oxygen to survive and to function properly. Brain trauma disrupts the flow of oxygen to the parts of the brain that have been damaged. And this can […]

Do I Need a Doctor Referral for HBOT Therapy?

referral from a docotr

Have you found that making an appointment with your general practitioner so that they can refer you to a specialist can be a waste of time and money? A recent article in the British Health Service Journal (HSJ) addresses this very topic, suggesting that self-referral has many benefits to patient care, waiting times, and capacity. […]

What You Should Know About HBOT Wound Care

hyperbaric chamber benefits

Do you need to speed up the healing of a wound? Maybe you have an injury that hasn’t healed after many weeks. Well, it’s time to look into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its many benefits. The first thing to know about hyperbaric wound care is that exposing your body to 100% oxygen while under […]

What are the Side Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

If you’re looking into doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy because you perhaps have a non-healing wound, thermal burn, or maybe chronic pain, you are on the right track. HBOT is excellent at speeding up the healing of many kinds of wounds. As with any medical treatment, it’s a good idea to consider the potential hyperbaric oxygen […]

What Brain Abscess Treatment Options Are Available for Me?

Intracranial Abscess

Affecting between 1,500 and 2,500 Americans each year, brain abscesses are a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. A brain abscess is a collection of fluid and pus that develops as a result of an infection or head trauma. As the abscess becomes larger, the patient will experience various symptoms resulting in a combination of infection, […]

Transcutaneous Oximetry (TCOM)

about R3 Wound Care & Hyperbarics

Transcutaneous oximetry (TCOM) is a noninvasive test that measures how much oxygen is reaching the skin via blood circulation. It helps wound care specialists detect/evaluate poor blood flow in the underlying tissues. This knowledge is invaluable in planning successful therapies for healing wounds. The test takes about 45 minutes and is painless. After the test […]

Total Contact Casting

Total contact casting treats diabetic foot ulcers with a fiberglass or plaster cast designed to take pressure off of the ulcer. This pressure reduction and redistribution is called “offloading.” Alleviating pressure and protecting the ulcer helps it heal. Total contact casting involves molding a cast over the entire surface of the foot and part of the leg. […]