By: Al Murji, M.S., PA-C, Clinic Director


Receiving the news that you have breast cancer is a scary thing to hear. Fear leads to questions, doubt, and uncertainty. What follows is a barrage of tests, procedures, surgeries, potential radiation, and possible chemotherapy. In many cases, as a patient, you may have to undergo a mastectomy along with radiation therapy and/or breast reconstruction. At that point, though, you are ready to move past this stressful episode in your life.

This is where R3 Wound Care & Hyperbarics can help you!

Radiation damages skin, tissue and kills the blood supply to various areas. This tissue becomes hard and fibrous–almost leather like. Attempting a breast reconstruction with damaged, radiated tissue can be disastrous, and your chances of healing quickly and moving on can be decreased. Even without radiation therapy, there can be issues with the breast flap trying to heal. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can help reduce the inflammation to the tissue while saturating the tissue in oxygen and supercharging the tissue. HBOT can and will grow new blood vessels. Furthermore, undergoing HBOT prior to breast reconstruction will allow the irradiated tissue to regrow blood vessels and allow that tissue to return to a normal state, and allow the tissue to heal once operated on.

HBOT enhances healing, decreases your inflammation, decreases your pain, decreases your scar tissue, and gives YOU your life back sooner, and with better health outcomes.

R3 Clinics can help figure out a treatment plan that will offer you the best possible outcome for a fast, friendly, and effective healing process! Come in and see us for all your HBOT needs!

Case 1 – Before
Case 1 – After
Case 2 – Before
Case 2 – After