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PA-C Provider – Frisco, Texas

Get To Know Sarah

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

"To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone." -Reba McEntire

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Playing Nancy Drew computer games with my Grandpa

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Disneyland because it's literal magic and turns me back into a three year old again

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

With my favorite people: my parents, my sister, the two best nephew an Auntie can ask for and of course my fur baby Joy

What’s your go-to song that gets you pumped up?

Anything Taylor Swift- currently I Can Do It With a Broken Heart

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I can name every winner of the tv show Survivor in order.

If you could instantly learn any new skill, what would it be?


Favorite sports team?

Does America in the Olympics count?

What’s one surprising thing most people don’t know about you?

The first two years of my life I grew up on a ranch and played with monkeys, tigers and bears (oh my!)

Sarah is from Chicago, Illinois and completed her schooling up north in Indiana State University. She followed her family down south and began her career practicing medicine in a free-standing ED in Dallas. She found herself loving the wound side of things and transitioned two years ago to take the helm of the Frisco office. Since then, she has been working to learn and grow in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Sarah has wanted to be in medicine her whole life and is so excited that she gets to wake up and live her childhood dream. Few things make her happier than caring for her patients and walking with them on their healing journey to get them over the finish line.

Sarah Talks About Why Patients Trust R3 Wound Care

“So I’m a straight shooter.

So if you’re considering coming to our three wound care, I’m not going to promise that it’s going to be absolutely pain free. But I can promise you that we are going to work with you every step of the way to make it as pain free and as efficient and nice as possible.

And that includes, we can numb it up we can do there’s a bunch of different things we have in our tool belts, and we’re never going to push you farther than you’re comfortable going.

So for that first visit, you’ll come in, we’ll take a look at the wound, we’ll see what we kind of think the best plan is for it. And we’ll absolutely talk it through with you before we do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Because we you and me are a team and we get to the destination together and you’re the one who’s going to be feeling it.

So I absolutely want to take that into account when I’m taking care of you. So there’s no need to be scared because you got someone on your side and we’re going to make sure that you get the best care possible”

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