What Helps An Open Wound Heal Faster?


We often encounter disease, injuries, disabilities related to cancer, stroke, diabetes, surgery, and catastrophic events as a part of life.  These conditions and events often impact many essential functions of the body. Yet, the effect these have on our skin, the largest organ in the body, is often overlooked.  From a simple rash to a […]

Can Pressure Ulcers Heal? Yes, and HBOT Can Help!

woman in wheelchair susceptible to pressure ulcer

If you are dealing with a pressure ulcer, you know how uncomfortable and disabling it can be. You might wonder if your pressure ulcer can heal and what treatments would help it heal most effectively. Pressure ulcers can heal, but it can take weeks to years to heal depending upon your treatments, the stage of […]

Does Debridement Promote Wound Healing?

debridement promotes healing

Debridement is the removal of devitalized tissue (or also called necrotic, non-viable, or dead tissue), or foreign objects from a wound. A non-healing wound can be overburdened with necrotic or dead tissue, which can be harmful to the body’s ability to develop new tissue.  It can also be a source of nutrients for the growth of […]

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