Name: Rossalya Granda PA-C

R3 Wound Care Clinic Location(s): Arlington

Tell us a bit about your experience/background: I graduated at the top of my class from UTMB PA program in Galveston, TX in August 2019. Before becoming a PA, I worked as medical assistant at a primary care clinic for 3 years. I can say that I fell in love with medicine during this job. I knew that I wanted to have a greater role at helping patient heal which led to my decision of applying to PA school. I have loved every single day since working as a physician assistant.

How did you get into this field? Soon after graduation I moved back home to Dallas, TX and started applying for jobs. When I came across R3’s job posting, I felt very confident in applying for this position because of the excellent wound care experience I received during my clinical rotations.

What is your favorite part about your job? My favorite part is helping patients heal and having a positive impact in their lives. I also enjoy building relationships with all my patients. I love seeing the progress wounds make during each office visit and learning how much better the patients’ lives are compared to their first visit. I also love how hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a huge role in patients healing quicker and helping them get back to their normal daily activities.

Tell us about your family: I have been married for 6 months to my best friend of 8 years. It is just the two of us for now but we are hoping to grow our family in the future. We both come from big families so our weekends are always busy and fun!

Favorite hobbies? My husband and I love to travel, and we try to explore new places every year. In 2017, we traveled every month to a new state, and it was the best year of our lives. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading books, taking dance classes and trying new restaurants.

Favorite movie or show? My favorites show is “Stranger Things”, very excited for the new upcoming season.

Favorite part about living in the Dallas area: The proximity to amazing restaurants, as well as all the indoor and outdoor activities it offers. I love exploring Dallas on the weekends.