Before and After Photos


At R3 Wound Care and Hyperbarics, we have a very high success rate of healing.  Below are photos of actual patients and the results that they have seen through our wound care treatments.

* WARNING:  The Before/After photos contain graphic content* (Click below to expand) 

Chronic forehead wound, five months non-healing. Underwent 20 hyperbaric treatments.
Delayed radiation injury. Treated for sarcoma and a chronic non-healing surgical wound. Underwent 40 hyperbaric treatments.
Threatened chin flap. Underwent 30 hyperbaric treatments.
Chronic non-healing diabetic foot ulcer. Underwent 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.
Brown recluse spider bite with necrosis. Underwent 20 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.
Infected and non-healing surgical wound. Underwent 30 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

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