What You Should Know About HBOT Wound Care

hyperbaric chamber benefits

Do you need to speed up the healing of a wound? Maybe you have an injury that hasn’t healed after many weeks. Well, it’s time to look into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its many benefits. The first thing to know about hyperbaric wound care is that exposing your body to 100% oxygen while under […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Radiation Treatment?

how long to recover from radiation treatment

There’s no doubt radiation therapy can make the difference between life and death for cancer patients, but unfortunately it often comes at a cost. Radiation therapy is associated with harsh side effects, many of which don’t emerge until months or years after treatment. Acute side effects occur and disappear within 14 days of treatment, but […]

How to Heal Radiation Wounds: 3 Tips for a Safe & Speedy Recovery

How to Heal Radiation Wounds

There’s a reason radiation has the ability to kill cancer: it’s immeasurably potent. Millions of cancer patients owe their lives to radiation therapy, but unfortunately, most of those cancer patients have also endured the side effects of radiation. Since radiation therapy can’t specifically target only cancer cells, it must injure healthy cells and tissues in its quest […]

Burn Wound Treatment: Burn Causes, Proper Healing, & How to Speed Up Treatment

burn wound care

No wounds are pleasant, but some are distinctly worse than others. Burns, which develop when heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation damage the skin, are especially painful injuries. More than 2 million burn injuries occur every year in America, with 75,000 requiring hospitalization and 14,000 leading to death. Your skin is a natural barrier against infection, and a […]

Post-Op Radiation Wound Care and Healing: A Complete Guide

radiation burn wound care

Radiation therapy is a powerful treatment that slows or kills the growth of cancer cells. It’s recommended for half of all cancer patients, many of whom owe their lives to radiation treatment. However, such a potent treatment doesn’t harm cancer cells in isolation; it also injures healthy cells and tissues as a result. If you’ve endured […]

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